Dungeon of Zaar
Based in Paris, France

Founding date:
April 13, 2016


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Dungeon of Zaar is an online strategy game developed for PC/MAC/Linux and planned on Nintendo NX. It's a turn-based strategy game focused on PvP battles taking place in an ancient and magical Castle where Explorers fight for treasures.


On the edge of a magical world awaits the Dungeon of Zaar, home of the eponym great Archmage. A century has passed since his last appearance, and all eyes are now on the Dungeon, eager to claim a share of the spoil. You are an Explorer, leading a team of mercenaries (Knights, sorcerers and monsters of all kind) to plunder whatever is hidden into the depth of the Dungeon. But beware! You are not the only one who had this idea…


• Multiplayer Turn-based Tactical gameplay.

• Hire mercenaries from around the world and build your dream team.

• Fight other dungeon raiders in online PvP matches, or play with your friends in local mode on one device.

• Easy to pick-up, yet deeply strategic games.

• Fast battles (around 15 minutes).

• No RNG shamelessly stealing your well-deserved victory.

• Craft items from materials won after every battle (armor, artifacts, potions) and use them to get the edge against your enemies.

• Progress through the dungeon with your victories, and try to sit on the Throne of Zaar.

• Premium Game. We think that it's better for everyone to have a lot from the start!

At launch the game should be released with the following modes:

• Ranked Dungeon mode: 1v1 matches on random arenas of the dungeon / Counter Pick system / Loot at every match / Ladder / the best players of this mode will be "Zaar's acolyte" with special skin features.

• Free Dungeon mode: 1v1 matches on random arenas of the dungeon / Loot at every match / No ladder

• Quest mode: Try to survive through successive online battles and loot rare items. Choose your troops from a random batch of mercenaries, manage your deaths and recruit new warriors! But be careful... One defeat and you're out.

• Custom games: Play with your friends through custom games allowing you to change some rules like the number of souls required to win, number of mercenaries and more!

• Local mode: Play around the same device with a friend! Custom the rules as you like!

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    Awards & Recognition

    • " Jury Price of Play Awards at Lyon ESport #9" - 28 Febuary, 2016

    Selected Articles

    • "Les tour par tour ont bercé mon enfance et Dungeon of Zaar est un jeu qui m'a extrêmement plu dans l'ensemble."
      - Talish and Shana, Game Guide

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Project Leader, Graphist

    Vincent BOURÇOIS

    Clery PLASSAT

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